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1.1 metre non-500 electric RC plane Nitro helicopter with aluminum fly


The good news: buy it now upgrade free of charge metal tail rotor clip! Amount of fares Full length 1.1M Level 500 brothers models recently introduced electric helicopter Kit super low prices! Config

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The good news: buy it now upgrade free of charge metal tail rotor clip! Amount of fares

Full length 1.1M

Level 500 brothers models recently introduced electric helicopter Kit super low prices!

Configuration: Aluminum case with a 7-channel control +B6 multi-function charger

Shop promise: to make sure that specific as fake return

Guaranteed brand new historic refunding

Ensure quality if quality problems on approval

Guarantee the lowest price of the whole network of your lost ten

Flight stabilization!

Accessories supply lowest price while additionally providing full network!






I. "warning and Disclaimer"
Commercial users must carefully read the product manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, model must be allowed and the provisions of the local government, or below the conditions of use, users must have a transparent understanding of this element. The company is not responsible for improper use of a product or accent caused by user or a 1/3 celebration’s liability for damage and injury, nor liable for intentional damage and (or) missing parts caused by the crash, bump, liability for damage. The company reminded die friends Note: professional RC model is not a toy, please make certain to use extra care in certain circumstances. Order acts that you indicate that you have a transparent understanding on the case and are willing to take responsibility.

II. "net purchase"
1, given the network special, and have no confidence in online shopping and the buyers do not doubt the credibility of the company in the company’s purchase
2, the company sold merchandise, kuandaofahuo, in some areas, open cash on beginning service (please contact our sales personnel understand the details, and check out the net cash on beginning terms [what is COD])
3 shot, pictures, scans, is affected by many factors, and physical unavoidable chromatic aberration, colour of goods is subject to physical
4, the merchandise before you purchase, ask your salesperson about whether you need to merchandise in stock, the salesperson solutions accessible on the day of

III. with regard to "transport"
1, was issued through 1/3-party carriers of goods, the carrier’s operations the company is unable to control, therefore, the company does not commit you to purchase the accurate arrival time, reflected in the description of the goods the beginning speed for speed event
2, on a working day before sixteen:30 day after payment, generally can be shipped the same day, except in exceptional circumstances
3, product loss, damage caused all through transport, bear the entire losses of the company, and re-delivery or within Third give the buyer a full refund

IV. "after sales service"
1, and buyers in using this company sold of merchandise as found merchandise quality problem, please timely contact we, dialed this company phone or sent online guidance zhiqian, please first do related prepared (1, and merchandise purchased time; 2, and user name; 3, and shop name; 4, and merchandise name; 5, and fault details), as buyers itself will merchandise by to pay postage of way sent again this company, this company will is entitled to rejected. Postage should be paid by the buyer, such as after the company detected indeed product quality problems, the company will own the commodity exchanges mailing costs, and returning buyers mailed postage quantity for the goods.
2, items such as quality problems, the Company undertakes the round-trip shipping costs for buyers to replace the same goods, such as out of stock a full refund
3, the company sent the wrong goods, borne by the round-trip shipping costs for buyers replacing

4. If the product does not have any problem, buyers again for other reasons the store buyers meet the shipping, and our price will be charged 20% fees!


Additional Information



Package Includes

Original Box

Package Includes

Operating Instructions

Package Includes


Package Includes

Remote Controller

Remote Control


State of Assembly


Remote Distance




Power Source


Charging Voltage


Charging Time





3 years



Plugs Type



Brushless Motor

Controller Battery


Control Channels

6 Channels

Action Time


Controller Mode


Controller Mode


Age Range

5-7 Years

Age Range

8-11 Years

Age Range

12-15 Years

Age Range


Age Range

> 8 years old

Age Range

> 14 years old

Age Range

> 6 years old

Age Range

> 3 years old


Remote Control



Aerial Photography



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