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icocopark A004+ USB Digital Microscope Real 500X Portable Camera Digital Microscope Touch-point Auto Microscope Magnifier with L


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Product Description

A004+ USB Digital Microscope Actual 500X Portable Camera Digital Microscope Touch-point Auto Focus Microscope Magnifier with LED

Unique Features

  • Slim microscope body compared with traditional microscopes or other brand or non-branded USB microscopes.
  • Convenience wire controlled LED light and snapshot.
  • Eco-friendly alloy material with Rhos certification, provides strong and light-weight microscope body.
  • Supereyes Application has exclusive measurement function; it is fully compatible with Win eight 32/64 bit


  • Health: hair, skin
  • Anti-counterfeit: false label, tiny print, forged money, security identification
  • Quality control: material, design, repair, metal, surface, printing, PCB
  • Education: biological sample, living creature observation, auxiliary reading
  • Forensic: finger print, trace elements
  • And more…..


  • Model: Supereyes A004+
  • Magnification: 1 ~ 500 times (continuous zoom ability)
  • Sensor: 5.0 MP (true hardware)
  • Operating System: 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, OS × 10.5 or above, Linux
  • Object distance: 0 mm ~ 3 mm
  • Focus type: touch point auto focus and manual focus combined
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • Max Size: Ø17 mm × 126 mm
  • Light Sources: LED illumination (adjustable by control wheel)
  • Olanguage: English, Chinese, German, Japanese
  • Software: Supereyes Application with measurement and calibration function
  • For Mac, please use Photo Booth, FaceTime or QuickTime
  • For Linux, please use web camera application to open it
  • Snapshot by application/hardware
  • Still image capture resolution: max 2592 X 1944
  • Photo Format: JPE
  • Video: High compression, 11 hours long
  • Video Capture Resolution: max 1600 X 1200
  • Video Format: WMV
  • Display Speed: Maximum 30 f/s
  • Please don\’t copy MagiconLLC\’s product description and photo, all rights reserved.

Package and Accent:

  • Package size: 19 cm X thirteen cm X 7 cm, 235 g.
  • Gross weight: 370 g
  • Net weight: 90 g
  • Including: 1 X Microscope, 1 X User Manual, 1 X CD

USB Digital Microscope 1real microscope 2Camera Digital Microscope 3microscope 4

How to use, a quick guide from Magicon

  • For and Linux, please plug the device into your computer, and then use corresponding application to open it.
  • For XP SP 2 and above, including Win eight 32/64 bit, no driver needed, please directly install the application on the mini CD. If you have any problems regarding the mini CD, please download the application on, or contact us.
    a. After application installation, plug the device into PC, open application, select "Preview", then you should be capable of see the device working. For more detail guidance about measurement, please see the User Manual.
    b. To obtain maximum magnification, please put the microscope on top of the object, rotate the tail of the microscope to change focus. Turn on the LED lights if needed. The zoom ability would decrease as the distance between microscope and objects increase.
    c. Please don\’t copy MagiconLLC\’s products description and photo, all rights reserved.
    d. You might find that the display speed of 5 MP is slow, which depends on your computer\’s specifications and USB 2.0\’s transfer rates. We recommend you to use three MP for previewing and 5 MP for taking photo, or using the latest Supereyes application v3.54.

How to calculate a digital microscope\’s magnification:

Digital microscope is different with traditional optical microscope. The magnification of a digital microscope includes both optical and digital magnification. A good way to test the actual magnification is using the equations listed below.
In this equation, we take Supereyes A005+/B008 for example.
  • A005+/B008 has 5 MP sensor. If you wish to calculate model B003+/A005, please change 5 MP to three MP.
  • 17" is the most popular monitor in the market. All Supereyes products\’ specifications are calculated according to 17" monitor.
  • 2 is 2 mm. Usually, if you use the maximum power/magnification of Supereyes products, the maximum actual length that could fully occupied the monitor is 2 mm.
  • If a microscope has a zero.3 MP sensor, it is unlikely that it has actual 500X power. So don\’t be cheated by some commercial!

Supereyes Application

Supereyes Application is compatible with Win XP SP2 or above, including Win eight 32/64 bit. It has anti-shake, 11-hours recording, measurement (including length, angle, arc and so forth) and including functional. Please don\’t copy Magicon\’s description and photo, all right reserved.


How to choose your microscope (tips exclusively from Magicon)?

  1. Which RESOLUTION fits your functions best?
    There are some sample photos taken by Supereyes microscope on our product list, which would support you to make decision. If you need more photos, please send message to us.
    Manual focus microscopes are cheaper and smaller.
    Auto focus microscopes save your time. There are tee different types of auto-focus Supereyes microscope:
    A005/A005+. Firstly use manual focus to find the about focal point, and then the fine auto-focus would work for you to find the correct focal point. The fine auto-focus\’s working range is about zero ~ 10mm. If the distance change too plenty, manual focus is needed. The working distance is zero ~ ? mm.
    A004/A004+, touch-point auto-focus, the most fast auto-focus. As long as the object touching or very close to the pointed metal head of A004/A004, the microscope would find the correct focal point. The working distance is zero ~ 3mm. To change zoom, please rotate the tail of the device.
    A006, ultimate auto-focus, with maximum 50X magnification. Totally auto focus, no manual focus needed. The zoom power depends on the distance between microscope and object: move close for zoom in, move away for zoom out.
  3. In some cases, lens diameter is more important. Please choose the microscope according to your own unique requirement. The suggestions listed above are only for references. (Please don\’t copy Magicon\’s description, all rights reserved.)

Supereyes Trade Show

2016 CES, Las Vegas, NV, South Hall (S4) #35655, January 6 ~ 9, 2016

About Us

Supereyes is knowledgeable shop for microscopes and borescopes. We are committed to provide best products and customer service to our customers. Our professional engineers stand by to answer your entire questions before and after sale. If you need bulk orders, please contact us for detail.
Recently, we notice that there are some fake Supereyes products. Our company has a superior relationship with the only factory that made Supereyes products. Please make sure that you buy the authentone from us.
If you have any question, please contact us by messages. Usually, we will reply in 24 hours and we guarantee that you will receive your reply in forty eight hours.
For every new and existing customer, we offer lifetime email support.

Additional Information

Model Number


Brand Name


Magnification Ratio


Battery Type

Digital Microscope

Image Stabilization

Video Microscope

Video Capture

Camera Digital Microscope


5.0 – 9.9MP


Silver Microscope


> 7x”>7x”>> 7x



Place of Origin

Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Real 1 ~ 500X Microscope


Digital Microscope


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