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US gross national mail Imber lecithin powder seaweed powder 268g reduce hair loss Teddy beauty hair bright hair powder


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[Name]:Imber US hair powder


[Product Specification]:268 g

[Weight]:300 g

[For dogs]:All breeds


Efficacy: contains a number of splendor hair role nutrients, including biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, VE, sulfur-containing amino acids, lecithin, flaxseed, unsaturated standard fatty acids, high content material, absorption, synthesis a number of splendor hair nutrients to completely promote the fur healthy and make the skin smooth Maoguang Jie, reduce hair loss and promoteDuring molting fur into regeneration, thick hair shiny, smooth and brilliant like filamentous!


Small dogs: 1 g / day; medium-sized dogs: 2 g / day, large dogs: 3 g / day; giant dog: more than four grams / day.

[Note]:In a dry, cool area to store, tighten the bottle after use.

[Shelf life:24 months

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